Our Veterinary Services

Your pet is in the caring hands of our highly-trained staff and veterinarians.

Whether you’re from a neighboring community, West Virginia or Pennsylvania, we welcome you to join our veterinary family by visiting our animal hospital for your next appointment.

Our veterinarians and staff will always greet you with open arms and a smile. If you have any questions regarding our veterinary services, we encourage you to read the descriptions below. If you have any additional questions, you can always call us directly at (304) 599–3111.

Whether your veterinary needs are big or small, Morgantown Veterinary Care is perfectly equipped to provide outstanding pet health care during a wide-range of flexible hours, six days a week and all year-round. From general wellness checkups and vaccines to state-of-the-art diagnostics and precise surgical procedures, all of our veterinary services are delivered with incredible attention-to-detail and care.

When you visit our animal hospital, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is in the caring hands of our highly-trained staff and veterinarians.

Pet owners from Pennsylvania often come from Spraggs, Dunkard, Dilliner, Smithfield, Waynesburg, Mt. Morris or beyond. Pet owners from West Virginia often come from Morgantown, Monongalia County, Star City, Granville, Westover, Suncrest, Sabraton, Maidsville, Fairmont, Blacksville, Booth, Core, Osage, Cassville, Wana, Fairview and Wadestown.

Whether you’re a pet owner from Pennsylvania visiting our animal hospital for the very first time, or are from West Virginia or beyond, we know you’ll feel right at home when you visit us.

While we are not open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, our animal hospital is able to provide emergency care to pets who come during our regular operational hours.

For pet owners who experience a critical or acute issue during our regular operational hours, we can provide rapid triage assessment and provide you with the next steps needed to give your pet their best chance at a speedy recovery.

We serve emergency care to pets in Morgantown, Monongalia County, Star City, Granville, Westover, Suncrest, Sabraton, Maidsville, Fairmont, Blacksville, Booth, Core, Osage, Cassville, Wana, Fairview and Wadestown, West Virginia. We are also available to clients in Mt. Morris, Waynesburg, Smithfield, Dilliner, Dunkard, and Spraggs, Pennsylvania, and their surrounding areas.

In other scenarios, the North Central West Virginia Veterinary Emergency Clinic (NCWV VEC) is our affiliated after hours emergency hospital. They can be reached after hours at 304-599-7990 or 304-363-2227.

Regular wellness visits for your pet, regardless of their age or medical condition, is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimizing overall health.

Visiting our pet clinic regularly allows for the early detection of many potential health issues, including but not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, internal and external parasites, arthritis, cataracts and more.

We love all of our clients in West Virginia, from Morgantown to Monongalia County, Star City, Granville, Westover, Suncrest, Sabraton, Maidsville, Fairmont, Blacksville, Booth, Core, Osage, Cassville, Wana, Fairview, and Wadestown. We also have a great relationship with our clients in Pennsylvania, coming to us from Mt. Morris, Waynesburg, Smithfield, Dilliner, Dunkard, Spraggs and beyond!

At Morgantown Veterinary Care, we’re proud to offer surgical care as one of our many skilled veterinary services. Our advanced diagnostics and state-of-the-art technology allows us to perform procedures which are as safe and seamless as possible. We’ll always work to ensure your pet has the quickest recovery time possible and that any questions you may have are answered before any surgical procedures begin.

Receiving the right vaccinations for your pet can prevent serious illness and contribute to a comprehensive, long-term plan for optimal health. We always tailor our approach to vaccinations to your pet’s most current needs, considering their health history, seasonality, local environment and many more factors before recommending any one vaccination.

Our pet clinic also keeps up to date with all vaccination protocols and is able to recommend and administer our vaccinations on-site for the convenience of both you and your pet.

We offer anesthesia for a wide range of circumstances, including surgical procedures and on an as-needed basis when providing care. Anesthesia is a safe way to ensure the cooperation and comfort of your pet during a number of routine and more complicated procedures and can be the safest way to implement care without upsetting or agitating your pet.

Anesthesia is always administered with a veterinarian and experienced surgical assistant on-site and will only be given if we think that this is a helpful course of action for the specific procedure at hand.

Behavioral issues can hinder the quality of life experienced by both you and your pet if left untreated. These issues can commonly include human-directed aggression, aggression toward other pets, persisting separation anxiety, as well as additional phobias and compulsive behaviors. We’re well trained in a number of treatments and therapeutic techniques that are proven to enhance your pet’s ability to cope with these issues, while providing an opportunity to improve quality of life and relationships that can make your pet’s life richer and more fulfilling.

We strongly recommend that pets have their teeth cleaned regularly. Our veterinary clinic provides a variety of pet dental products you can use at home, such as toothbrushes, pet-friendly toothpaste, and dental chews. At home, veterinary dental care techniques can be highly effective at preventing more complicated issues.

Be sure to ask about our veterinary dental care services during your next visit and enjoy your pet’s healthy smile long after they leave our animal clinic!

Our animal hospital is proud to offer a wide range of medications to help ensure the recovery and optimal health of your pet. Whether it’s a regular medication or a special circumstance, our veterinarians and veterinary staff will work to recommend the medication that suits your pet’s individual needs and fill your prescription in a timely way.

We’ll be sure to review your pet’s medical history and ask you any questions we may have before recommending any medication. Our veterinarians are ready and equipped to fill your prescriptions with compassionate and personalized care that’s tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

We are also happy to provide a full, in-house diagnostic laboratory at our veterinary clinic. This allows us to run comprehensive tests and analysis on-site, which leads to generally shorter turnaround times.

Access to instant lab-work results is a crucial part of providing medical care to pets. Our in-house diagnostic laboratory is part of our commitment toward cutting-edge, comprehensive veterinary care.

While hospice and euthanasia are the most difficult topics to discuss when it comes to pet care, providing the right end-of-life care is an important part of being a responsible pet owner.

If your pet is nearing the end of their life or requires immediate care, we welcome you to contact our pet hospital at (304) 599–3111 to ask us any questions you may have and receive our recommendations and assistance.

Laser Therapy is an incredibly innovative technology that can dramatically assist with inflammation, tissue repair, chronic pain, and cell growth.

This is an advanced solution that can reduce recovery time for your pet, help with common issues like arthritis, and generally ensure that your pet thrives by living their best life possible with maximum comfort.

The unfortunate reality is that many pets go missing each year. We encourage you to consider our veterinary hospital’s microchipping service, which allows you to fit your pet with a painless, microchip. This microchip allows you to register your pet into a national database, which can help to track your pet in case they are lost or stolen. This procedure and service can significantly increase the odds of you successfully reuniting with your lost pet if this scenario occurs.

Experiencing chronic pain as a result of an injury, arthritis or aging, can be the source of ongoing discomfort for your pet. This can reduce their overall quality of life and hinder what they’re capable of doing each day.

Morgantown Veterinary Care is sure to personalize our approach to pain management treatment, to ensure that your pet has everything they need to get moving again. If you notice that your pet has a limp or is simply showing signs of pain during normal activity, give our veterinary clinic a call so that we can help alleviate the source of the pain and implement ongoing solutions to provide optimal pain management to your pet.

Nutrition is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining optimal overall health. A proper diet, exercise and eating the right food on a regular basis can ensure healthy growth and development, resulting in the best overall health for your cherished pet. Be sure to ask our pet clinic about our nutritional counseling services, especially if your pet has any specific dietary needs or nutritional concerns.

Parasites are always uninvited, as they can harm the overall health of your pet and create a wide array of health issues. Our animal clinic can check for fleas, worms and other parasites, providing both preventative and ongoing treatment solutions to improve the life and comfort of your pet.

Make sure that your puppy or kitten grows up strong and healthy by bringing them in for regular wellness checkups! This is a great opportunity to check for any irregularities that they may have and to ensure that you’re setting the course for them to achieve the best possible health in the future.
Significant advances in radiology allow our animal hospital to use X-rays as an important diagnostic tool. When we need to receive more data than can be obtained from a routine physical examination or blood tests, our cutting-edge radiology services allow us to receive deep diagnostic data on the overall health of your pet. This can help us to make the right recommendations and ensure a speedy recovery for your pet.

Just like humans, pets age and often require additional care as they do. At Morgantown Veterinary Care, our pet hospital is proud to provide senior pet care to your pet as they continue to progress through their life stages.

Recent advancements in veterinary medicine and technology allow older pets to live longer, healthier lives than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about providing senior care to your pet to ensure their health and happiness while they age.