Dr. Jeffrey Haney - Veterinarian

Dr. Jeffrey Haney graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2017, after finishing his undergraduate degree at Auburn in 2013.

He started working at Southside Animal Hospital in Nashville, prior to joining Southern Veterinary Partners to work as a traveling relief veterinarian. Dr. Haney traveled from Texas, all over the southeast states, before starting at Morgantown Veterinary Care in July of 2020.

Dr. Haney has become a vital part of Morgantown Veterinary Care, quickly stepping into the lead doctor position, and helping to guide and train the entire team. Dr. Haney has emphasized his care around Cardiology and Internal Medicine. Outside of the hospital, he enjoys playing and observing most sports and is extremely passionate about his alma mater Auburn University.

He has a fondness for our feline patients, as he currently has a special kitty at home, Oakley, who struggles with a kidney deformity and needs a little extra love!